Introducing Be You to families

How are you going to include families in your focus on mental health and wellbeing?

May 2, 2019

For many early learning services and schools participating in Be You,
a common consideration is how to include families in your learning community's focus on mental health and wellbeing.

The following four questions may help guide educators in sharing your learnings connected to Be You and growing partnerships with families.


Why is participating with Be You beneficial?

Be You helps all learning communities foster a positive, supportive and inclusive environment where all educators have appropriate mental health literacy and feel empowered to work towards better mental health. The Be You website has a range of online evidence-based professional learning materials to support all educators in developing and improving their skills. 


How can you support your families to learn more about Be You?

  • The Be You FamiliesBe You Early Learning, Be You Primary and Be You Secondary Facebook pages offer great links to information and resources for all families and educators.
  • Participating early learning services and schools can display the Be You Statement of Commitment, describing the values and principles of Be You which guide everyone’s learning.
  • Action Team Leaders can access the online Be You Families Survey to engage with families and seek their thoughts and feedback.

How can you promote mental health and wellbeing to families through
Be You?

  • Educators can share Be You resources, such as Fact Sheets with families, through your newsletter, foyer display, and/or your service or school’s online learning and documentation program.
  • Educators can refer families directly to the Be You website where some material is freely available to the public, or Beyond Blue’s Healthy Families website.

How can Be You grow your partnerships with families?

  • The Be You Family Partnerships domain offers educators strategies for developing strong relationships with families. 
  • Participating early learning services and schools can include families in their Action Teams for involvement in whole learning community planning. To learn more, visit Get started: Action Teams.
  • Attend Check-in events to receive support with your approach from a Be You Consultant and discuss celebrations and challenges.

Now reflect on your focus on family partnerships

  • What do partnerships with families look, feel, and sound like in your early learning service or school?
  • If you're an early childhood educator, how does the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics guide your work with families?
  • ‘Modelling’ practices can also provide support for families. Are there opportunities during your day when families can slow down and observe interactions between children or young people and educators? 
  • Are there spaces within your environment where they're welcomed and feel they belong (perhaps to share a cup of tea?)
  • Families often have different parenting styles and may be experiencing various pressures. How do you identify each family’s knowledge, strengths (protective factors) and challenges (risk factors)?

Over time, educators and families will notice the benefits of shared and collaborative engagement with Be You 
– so get started today.

Registering with Be You is quick, easy – and free!

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