Evidence base

Learn about the evidence behind Be You and the key principles that have informed its development.
Australia has been a world leader in taking a national leadership approach to supporting mental health in education.

The evolution of MindMatters, KidsMatter Primary, and KidsMatter Early Childhood has resulted in robust frameworks and professional learning support for the promotion of mental health in Australian learning communities.

A review of recent research and literature confirms the continuing importance of building the capacity of early learning services and schools to foster mental health and assist children and families who are managing mental health issues. It's clear that mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression, emerge from the earliest years of life. There's also much evidence that many of the children and young people experiencing issues don't seek or receive adequate support, although some progress is being reported in this area.

Learn more about the evidence base behind Be You and the key principles that have informed its design, development and implementation.

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