Be You offers information and resources on specific mental health-related topics designed to help guide your learning.
Educator teaching in a classroom

We know educators are incredibly busy and fitting more into an already full day can be a challenge.

That’s why there’s a wide range of tools, resources and sources of support available to assist you in bringing Be You to your learning community. Like the rest of Be You, these tools and resources are designed to be flexible and adaptable to your unique situation. Some early learning services and schools will use all of them while others will pick and choose depending on what’s happening in their learning communities at the time.


Suicide prevention and response

We’re here to help if your learning community is affected by suicide.  

The Suicide Prevention and Suicide Response resources will assist your school with the planning and implementation of roles and processes, including structures for managing the first hours, days and weeks after a death by suicide, and for moving into recovery and returning to a normal routine. The resources include strategies for supporting staff, students and families, and for managing risk associated with suicide. 

A Be You Consultant can support your community throughout the planning and response phase.

Access the Suicide Prevention and Response page.


Fact Sheets

Learn more about topics that are especially important to learning communities.

Be You Fact Sheets provide information about a range of topics and issues connected to the professional learning. Think of them as quick reference resources, with factual information about a particular issue. Many people come to Be You with a particular question or issue in mind, and the Fact Sheets are a great starting point to get answers. They’re also a valuable resource to share with families and others in your learning community. 

Learn more here.


Tools and Guides

Find out: 

  • why inviting speakers to share personal stories can be a great way to give children and young people insights into mental health
  • how online mental health tools can be used to support mental health and wellbeing for yourself and children and young people.

Learn more from the Tools and Guides overview. 


Always Be You

Always Be You brings Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and ways of doing to Be You.

Important mental health and wellbeing messages should be accessible to everyone. Always Be You includes resources that can assist your school to begin an ongoing process of embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being, knowing and doing. These resources are for everyone in every context in Australia, and can assist all schools and services to reflect on how culture is acknowledged, considered and celebrated in their learning community, and how and when we all learn.

Access Always Be You.


Programs Directory

Enhance what you’re doing with Be You.

Choose a mental health program from our directory. The Programs Directory provides a searchable database of external mental health programs available across Australia. 

Learn about using the Programs Directory.



A range of online events are available to educators at registered Be You Learning Communities.

These events have a national reach and provide opportunities to connect and share your experiences with other Be You services and schools.

Access Be You events.