Suicide Prevention and Response

As an educator, your response helps guide and support children and young people who may be thinking about or have been affected by suicide.
Educator talking with a student in classroom

Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia

As a school, you play a key role in supporting young people who may be thinking about suicide or have been affected by suicide. 

The Suicide Prevention and Response resources provide clear, practical and reliable guidance and support to help schools in suicide prevention and response. The resources provide strategies for supporting students, staff, families and the broader community. Specifically, you can use this information to:

prepare your school community to be ready should a death by suicide occur
guide your school on how to support a young person at risk of suicide
guide your school response to a death by suicide and the subsequent recovery for the community.

Suicide can be a confronting issue, and it can even be difficult for schools to know how to respond. Your Be You Consultant can help you to work through the required actions to prepare for, respond to or recover from issues related to suicide.

The Suicide Prevention resources will help you to include suicide response actions in your planning and consider what to do if you're worried about someone at risk of suicide.

The Suicide Postvention Toolkit  helps schools respond to suicide (this response is known as ‘suicide postvention’). You can contact the Be You team directly to access support.