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What's Be You?

Be You is a national mental health initiative for educators which aims to promote and protect positive mental health in children and young people in every early learning service and school in Australia.

Be You’s vision is to build an education system in which every learning community is positive, inclusive and resilient – where every child, young person, staff member and family can achieve their best possible mental health.

Who is Be You for?

Be You is for all Australian educators across early learning, primary and secondary school settings (including pre-service educators). By ‘educators’, Be You refers to anyone who works with children and young people in early learning settings, primary and secondary schools.

If you’re committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people from the early years to 18, then you’re in the right place!

What does Be You offer?

Be You offers a range of online, evidence-based tools, resources and professional learning aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of educators to support mental health and wellbeing in children and young people.

Find out more about Be You, including the background, the organisations leading the initiative, and the evidence base that supports it.

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  • Families

    Be You is designed for educators at early learning services and schools in Australia.

    If your child or young person attends an early learning service or school that's a Be You Learning Community, you might hear about the work that educators and others are doing to create and support mentally healthy communities, and how you can get involved. Keep an eye out for opportunities or speak to staff about contributing.

    If you’d like information on a specific issue related to mental health and wellbeing, have a browse of the Be You Fact Sheets.

    Beyond Blue's Healthy Families website is also a great resource for anyone who’s involved in supporting children and young people.