Become a Be You Learning Community

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A Be You whole-setting approach

As a Be You Learning Community, you’re making a statement to the wider community about your commitment to promoting mental health and wellbeing.

A Be You whole-setting approach involves all members of your learning community working together to create and sustain positive change. It’s about collectively building a positive and inclusive environment that promotes resilience and allows every child, young person, educator, and family member to achieve their best possible mental health. Be You Learning Communities build on existing strengths and look for opportunities to grow and develop.

This approach moves beyond individual educator professional learning and is framed around progressing through the Be You Implementation Process. This process guides action and actively encourages shared ownership and contribution across the learning community, involving educators, families, children and young people.

The Implementation Process is also focused on continuous improvement where learning communities regularly celebrate achievements, identify needs and take action, and reflect and review.

Benefits of becoming a Be You Learning Community

As a Be You Learning Community, you’re making a strong statement to the wider community about your commitment to promoting mental health and wellbeing. To assist you to lead, create and maintain positive change, you will have access to a range of Be You supports, tools and resources.

  • Support from a Be You Consultant

    Be You Consultants can support Action Team Leaders by:
    • highlighting synergies between Be You and existing national and state and territory-based mental health and education programs, initiatives, frameworks and priorities, ensuring implementation is both sustainable and effective
    • helping Action Teams identify and celebrate achievements
    • assisting with identifying and prioritising needs within the learning community
    • guiding and supporting the development, actioning and review of Action Plans
    • advising how to use Be You tools and resources to assist in a whole-setting approach
    • suggesting a journey through the Be You Professional Learning that’s tailored to your learning community
    • proactively providing Be You updates as new content and resources become available
    • guiding Action Teams to navigate local community and mental health services and supports
    • suggesting actions to meet specific needs of children and young people within your early learning service or school
    • providing insights on approaches to enabling and creating change, as well as offering solutions to roadblocks that may occur.
  • Access to Action Team Leader Dashboard

    Action Team Leaders will have:
    • visibility of Be You Professional Learning progress made collectively by all educators within their early learning service or school
    • access to whole-setting implementation and planning tools.
  • Planning and Implementation Tools

    Planning and Implementations Tools are accessible to registered Be You Learning Communities to support the successful implementation of Be You. These can support Action Teams at each stage of the Be You Implementation Process and include:

    • Be You Statement of Commitment
    • Be You Surveys targeted at educators and other staff, families, children and young people
    • Be You Reflection Tool
    • Be You Action Plan
    • Be You Actions Catalogue
    • Be You Share and Extend Guide.
  • Access to Be You Events 

    Action Teams will gain access to events and networking opportunities focused on a whole-setting approach to promoting mental health.

    Be You Essentials events are a great place to start your Be You journey once you register your learning community.

  • Participation levels

    Participating Be You early learning services and schools also have the opportunity to extend their level of participation, becoming a Be You Emerging, Embedding or Leading Learning Community.

    All levels of participation demonstrate commitment to creating and sustaining a learning community, where every child, young person, educator and family can achieve their best possible mental health.

    More details on the Be You Participation Levels coming early 2019.

Getting started

Leadership support is critical to ensure the success of Be You within your learning community.

Meaningful and sustained change will only happen when everyone is engaged and committed. Promoting mental health from the top can motivate and empower others to get on board.

Leadership can include the school principal or member of the principal team, or early learning service leader or manager. To find out more about the role and responsibility of leadership prior to registering, see Getting started; leaders.

The Action Team Leader plays a significant role in promoting and coordinating the implementation of a whole-setting approach to Be You. This important and influential leadership role requires someone to drive collective action, ensuring that all community members feel part of the Be You journey. Action Team Leaders could be a member of the senior leadership team, wellbeing leader, level coordinator, or other educator with experience or a keen interest in mental health and wellbeing.

To find out more about the role and responsibility of the Action Team Leader prior to registering, see Getting started: Action Teams.

You must be part of a learning community to register