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Be You Mental Health Continuum & BETLS observation tool

The Be You Mental Health Continuum outlines developmentally specific signs and symptoms across a number of areas to indicate where on the continuum a child or young person may be sitting.

It can help you to recognise specific behaviours, and impacts to daily functioning, in children and young people which may indicate the need for further assistance, with developmentally specific versions for the early years, primary school years and adolescence.

The Behaviour Emotions Thoughts Learning & Social Relationships (BETLS) observation tool is a useful companion to this Continuum, and can be used to assist you to gather and document information and observations about children and young people.

Organising Speakers Guide

Inviting speakers to share personal stories can be a great way to give children and young people real-life insights into mental health

Hearing about the challenges a speaker experienced and their pathway to recovery can increase awareness and reduce stigma. It also encourages children and young people to talk about how they’re feeling and to seek help. The Organising Speakers Guide provides a detailed rundown on what you need to consider when engaging an external speaker, including how to create a safe and meaningful environment for everyone involved.

Access the Organising Speakers Guide.

Wellbeing Tools

There are lots of great mental health and wellbeing tools available online

The trick is to find the best tool for the job.

Paying attention to your own mental health ensures you’re better able to support the children and young people in your care. Wellbeing Tools for You outlines a range of online tools and resources designed to support your mental health and that of your colleagues.

Wellbeing Tools for Students is your essential guide to the online tools and other resources that will best support children and young people in taking care of their own mental health. As ‘digital natives’, children and young people will often look online for help with the problems they’re facing, and educators play a vital role in directing them to the best resources. 

Planning and Implementation Tools

The tools you need to get the job done

Our suite of Planning and Implementation Tools will help you and your Action Team roll out Be You at a whole-school level. Your Be You Consultant can also direct you to the tools that are most relevant to your school’s current situation, taking into account of any processes and plans that might already be in place.

Your Action Team will be using these Planning and Implementation Tools.

Everything else

There are a wide range of tools, resources and sources of support available to assist you in bringing Be You to your learning community. Return to the Resources tab to find more.