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A flexible, whole learning community approach 

At the heart of Be You is a content framework that provides educators and leaders with a structure for both Professional Learning, and the actions which early learning services and schools can take to implement a whole learning community approach to children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

The Professional Learning consists of 13 content modules grouped under five domains, with content centred around mentally healthy communities. Once you’ve signed up, your dashboard gives you full access to the modules and allows you to track your progress.

To complete a 'module', you’ll need to progress through every topic. To complete a 'topic', read through the content – making sure you watch any videos and click through all sections within the content.

Read an overview of each Be You Professional Learning module.


Graphic detailing the five Be You Professional Learning domains and 13 modules

              Mentally Healthy Communities is central to the content framework

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There’s no right or wrong place to start with Be You  

The framework is not linear – educators can start wherever it suits them, or their early learning service or school, best.

Read through the overviews below and see which resonate with your learning community.

  • Mentally Healthy Communities 

    This domain is central to the Professional Learning framework, and outlines what a mentally healthy community can look like. It can be viewed as the introductory domain with modules outlining key concepts related to mental health, wellbeing, connectedness, relationships and diversity. 

    This domain includes three modules:
    • Understand mental health and wellbeing in learning communities
    • Connect through strong relationships
    • Include by embracing diversity within the community. 

    Learn more about Mentally Healthy Communities

  • Family Partnerships

    Families and communities are the primary contexts for the development, health and learning of children and young people. Modules in this domain will assist early learning services and schools to review and continuously improve their strategies for working with families to foster the mental health of children and young people.

    This domain includes two modules:
    • Partner with families through purposeful and positive relationships
    • Assist families to support and promote mental health and wellbeing.

    Learn more about building Family Partnerships.

  • Learning Resilience

    This domain will provide educators with an in-depth understanding of social and emotional learning and why it's important for mental health and wellbeing. It provides educators with an understanding of how to intentionally teach social and emotional learning skills, and foster resilience in education settings.

    This domain includes three modules:
    • Affirm the importance of social and emotional learning and resilience
    • Embed evidence-based social and emotional learning strategies
    • Empower children and young people to look after their mental health and wellbeing.
    Learn more about Learning Resilience
  • Early Support

    As a result of their regular contact with children and young people, educators are in an influential position to notice and support children and young people who might be showing signs of mental health issues. Modules in this domain provide information and guidance on recognising behaviours which might indicate early signs of mental illness, how to talk to children and young people about these issues, and how to provide appropriate and timely support.

    This domain includes three modules:
    • Notice the early signs of mental health issues
    • Inquire sensitively about the child or young person’s circumstances
    • Provide support within and beyond the early childhood service or school.

    Learn more about Early Support

  • Responding Together

    Critical incidents can have a range of impacts for everyone in the learning community. The role of the learning environment in promoting a mentally healthy community, preparing for critical incidents and being responsive in times of crisis have been shown to be crucial in ensuring that people receive the help they need.

    This domain includes two modules:

    • Recognise the potential impact of critical incidents
    • Respond collaboratively to critical incidents.

    Learn more about Responding Together


Educator working with primary school students

Supporting evidence

The Professional Learning provides evidence-based information and advice. Read more about the supporting evidence.