Everything you need to know about getting started with Be You if you’re a school or early learning service leader
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Get started: leaders

As a leader at your school or early learning service, you have the capacity to create and lead change.

When we talk about leadership, we’re referring to the school principal or member of the principal/executive team, or early learning service leader, manager or director.

Leadership support is critical to the success of Be You within your learning community.

Meaningful and sustained change will only happen when everyone in your learning community is engaged and committed. Promoting mental health from the top can motivate and empower others to get on board.

Leaders Handbook

The Leaders Handbook has all the essential information you need to get yourself and your learning community registered with Be You.

For a full introduction to Be You for leaders, download:

Once you’ve read the relevant Handbook, you’re ready to register!

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  • How do I register as an individual leader?

    Registering with Be You is quick, easy – and free! We just need some basic information about who you are and your role as an educator.

    As a leader, you have the added benefit of being able to register your school or early learning service as a Be You Learning Community.

  • How do I register my school or early learning service?

    As a leader, you play an important role in supporting the Be You journey within your early learning service or school.

    We know that the most effective approach to mental health prevention and promotion is one that involves the whole learning community – including educators, children and young people, and families. We call this a ‘whole learning community approach’.

    Once you’ve registered as an individual, you’re ready to get your learning community involved.

    To register as a Be You learning community, leaders need to:

    • commit to supporting the implementation of Be You
    • nominate an Action Team Leader within your early learning service or school.

    Find out more about how to become a Be You Learning Community.

    If your school or early learning service is already a registered Be You Learning Community, speak to your Action Team Leader about how you could further support their efforts.