Unpacking foundations for success with Be You

Laying foundations is the first step for success with implementing Be You.

Nov 6, 2019
For a service that is new to Be You, moving forward can be potentially daunting. Here are some tips to make it happen:
Learn more

The first step is to learn more about Be You. What is Be You? Why register Be You? How can Be You work for you?

Attend a Be You Essentials event. These events showcase key information related to how to begin your Be You journey. 
Now you are ready to share what you know about Be You with your team. A simple way to do this is by sharing the video about the Be You vision.

Once everyone has looked at Be You, reflect as a team how you can develop awareness of and promote the importance of mental health and wellbeing in your learning community. The Planning and Implementation Tools can help you along the way. The Be You Statement of Commitment (which your Action Team Leader can access) can help Action Teams raise awareness about the importance of taking a whole learning community approach to promoting positive mental health. The Statement is also a great way to introduce Be You to families in your learning community.


This step addresses how and where to access Be You. When considering a whole setting approach, encourage individual educators to register and identify their service or school. 

This is beneficial for the whole learning community. It guarantees an increase in collective knowledge and overall educator expertise.
Familiarising educators with the Be You website and its content is an important step. It helps to generate motivation to actively engage in the Be You Professional Learning. You can do this by encouraging educators to explore the Resources such as the Fact Sheets, Tools and Guides including the Wellbeing Tools for educators or the Always Be You resources looking at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives. There are also Events such as the National Check-Ins, read the Educators Handbook, attend an In Focus webinar or watch a recording of a previous one.

Leadership is one of the fundamental foundations for success in a Be You community. As the Action Team leader, identify other educators to help in implementing the whole learning community approach. Use the existing expertise among staff. This can be as simple as asking an educator who is passionate about mental health and wellbeing in their community.

Think Solutions

Thinking through the potential risks and challenges helps maximise your ability to launch, commit and sustain the Be You learning and develop professional resiliency. You can use reflective questions to inform this process such as:  How will we make time?  What supports will we need?  How will we grow and nurture a culture of collective responsibility? 

You made it and you are now ready to identify your community‚Äôs learning needs.