Action Teams

Action Teams help build enthusiasm in learning communities, bringing people together to create long-lasting change for children and young people. 
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Getting started: Action Teams

Action Teams are a central part of Be You

An Action Team is a group of individuals within an early learning service or school who've accepted responsibility to support the implementation of a whole learning community approach to Be You.

The Action Team works collaboratively to ensure the intended outcomes of Be You, relevant to the needs of their specific learning setting, are achieved successfully, and that positive change is sustained within their learning community.

If you’ve decided to join or es
tablish an Action Team at your early learning service or school – thank you! You’re making a clear and strong commitment to the mental health of your entire learning community. As a member of the Action Team, you’re helping children and young people to flourish.

Change starts with individuals, but it doesn’t end there

Individual educators can participate in Be You – and have access to Professional Learning, Fact Sheets and other resources.

Be You has the most impact when whole learning communities implement it collectively, building on their strengths to nurture and support children and young people. This implementation process is led by what we refer to as an Action Team.

This approach may seem daunting, especially if there are other strategic priorities in place, but rest assured Be You is flexible and designed to build on the strengths of your learning community and complement the work you’re already doing. Be You can be tailored to suit the individual needs of your learning community and support continuous improvement and strategic planning.

For a full overview of whole learning community approaches to Be You and the role of the Action Team, download the Action Team Handbook for your setting:

  • Be You Implementation Process

    There are five stages in the Implementation Process:
    • Stage 1: Lay the foundations for success
    • Stage 2: Identify your learning community’s needs
    • Stage 3: Develop a plan
    • Stage 4: Take action
    • Stage 5: Monitor, review and improve.

    Be You has a range of Planning and Implementation Tools  and resources designed to help you successfully implement the framework in your learning community.

  • Who's part of the Action Team?

    The Action Team may vary in membership numbers but getting the right people on board is really important. To be most effective, try to ensure that membership is diverse and inclusive.

    How can you try to give all members of the learning community a voice and the feeling that they're empowered to champion Be You within the school or service?

    Action Team members can come from:
    • your early learning service or school’s senior leadership team
    • members of the wellbeing or welfare team
    • families, including parents and carers
    • student representatives (considering the supports they will need before, during and after meetings)
    • educators
    • specialist and support staff
    • members of the school council or other governing body
    • cultural or community leaders
    • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Elders.

    The group is led by the Action Team Leader who coordinates the implementation of a whole learning community approach to Be You. The Action Team Leader is an important and influential leadership role that drives and motivates collective action, ensuring that all learning community members feel part of the Be You journey. 

    The Action Team Leader might be appointed by the service or school’s senior leadership team, be self-nominated or encouraged to take on the position by the learning community. Action Team Leaders have the support of the rest of the Action Team and the service's or school's leadership – they don’t work in isolation and don’t have to carry the load on their own.

    A suitable Action Team leader may be:
    • a member of the senior leadership team
    • a wellbeing leader
    • a year level coordinator in a school
    • an educator with experience in social and emotional learning (SEL).
  • Be You Consultants

    You won’t be on your own

    Be You Learning Communities have access to a Be You Consultant from Early Childhood Australia or headspace, to support them every step of the way.

    Your Be You Consultant will help to ensure the framework is implemented successfully and sustainably at your service or school, leading to positive change. Each Be You Consultant acts as a mentor and advocate, supporting the Action Team Leader to lead confidently and effectively.

    Be You Consultants have extensive knowledge about mental health and wellbeing in schools and services. They can also give advice on mental health services and supports in your local community.

  • Getting started

    Ready to begin as a Be You Learning Community?

    There are three key steps to registering:

    1. Gain support of service or school leadership
    2. Appoint an Action Team Leader
    3. Register online.

    You're now a Be You Learning Community!

    If you’ve got the support of your school or service’s leadership and have an Action Team Leader in place, you can register your learning community online now.