Reflection Tool

The Be You Reflection Tool can help early learning services and schools monitor their progress against to the Be You Professional Learning framework.

The Be You Reflection Tool is designed to capture objective data relating to the current status of policies, procedures, pedagogy, physical environment and other key considerations that can directly influence your learning community’s capacity to support positive mental health.

This tool serves as a ‘pulse check’ for early learning services and schools and is mapped to the Be You Professional Learning framework to indicate which domains and modules could serve as priority areas for action to support a whole-setting approach to Be You. This tool can provide a comprehensive baseline understanding of your learning community’s needs and can be revisited to measure progress along the way. 

Within the Be You Implementation Process, the Reflection Tool is available for use by registered Be You Learning Communities during Stage 2: Identify your learning community’s needs. The Reflection Tool can also be used in conjunction with other tools and data sources, such as the Be You Surveys.

Access your Learning Community’s Be You Reflection Tool link and password from your Action Team Leader Dashboard. 

Download Be You Reflection Tool here

Download Be You Surveys Guide here

Please familiarise yourself with the Be You Surveys Guide and use the Be You Reflection Tool PDF in the interim.