Be You Mental Health Continuum

A person's mental health and wellbeing shifts back and forth along a mental health continuum.
Educator assist young girl on outdoor play equipment
Mental Health Continuum arrows graphic

Mental health can be thought of as existing on a continuum; with positive mental health at one end, mild and moderate symptoms in the middle and severe symptoms at the other end.

The Be You Mental Health Continuum outlines developmentally specific signs and symptoms across a number of areas to indicate where on the continuum a child or young person may be sitting.

The continuum can help you to recognise specific behaviours, and impacts to daily functioning, in children and young people which may indicate the need for further assistance, with developmentally specific versions for the early years, primary school years and adolescence.

The Behaviour, Emotions, Thoughts, Learning and Social Relationships (BETLS) observation tool is a useful companion to this Continuum, and can be used to assist you to gather and document information and observations about children and young people.