Mental health issues and conditions

Mental health issues and conditions encompass various cognitive, emotional and behavioural issues that may cause concern or distress. 

They affect how a person thinks, feels and behaves. And include issues which children and young people experience in relation to normal life stressors. It covers the area of the continuum from the yellow zone right through into the red zone.

When an individual has seen a health professional for their mental health issue, they might be diagnosed with a mental health condition. This is a clinical diagnosis (such as depression or anxiety) relating to a condition that significantly interferes with a person’s cognitive, emotional or social abilities.


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Effective treatments and supports are available for those experiencing anxiety.

Supporting children and young people experiencing anxiety

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Anxiety can be difficult to spot because it presents in many ways.

Separation anxiety

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Separation anxiety is common and normal, but assisting a child in managing it can help them build resilience.


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Depression is a serious condition that affects children and young people’s mood, behaviour and thoughts.

Supporting children and young people experiencing depression

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Depression can affect anyone, but for children and young people, it can be harder for them to explain how they’re feeling.

Body image

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Body image is a broad concept referring to the way people think and feel about their appearance.