Your Be You Statement of Commitment is a living document

As your learning community grows and changes, so should your Statement of Commitment.

Apr 23, 2020

Your Be You Statement of Commitment describes the values and principles that guide your early learning service or school to maintain a mentally healthy community. It captures the big picture of your learning community’s mental health and wellbeing goals. 

Using your Statement of Commitment

You can use the Statement of Commitment to lay the foundations for successfully implementing Be You. For example, use it to raise awareness about the importance of a whole-setting approach to promote mental health or to articulate leadership’s commitment to mental health and wellbeing. The Statement of Commitment can also be referred to often as a guiding tool throughout implementation. 

Maintaining your Statement of Commitment

As with your service or school philosophy, your Statement of Commitment should be maintained as a living document. This ensures it continues to meet the needs of your learning community and supports continuous improvement.

Using your Statement of Commitment to guide daily practice allows for self-reflection and professional growth.

Here are some ways you can maintain your Statement of Commitment:

  • Support a common understanding of your Statement of Commitment among your learning community members
  • Set aside regular time to reflect on it. This could be in staff meetings
  • Share your Statement of Commitment with new families and staff, include it in your enrolment packs and in new educator induction checklists
  • Just like your Quality Improvement Plan, review your Statement of Commitment regularly to ensure it reflects emerging issues, changes in children’s needs, and feedback from stakeholders
  • Review it regularly based on community needs, new research, and developments in approved frameworks
  • Ensure that your policies and procedures reflect the values in the Statement of Commitment
  • Develop some reflective questions to help you review your Statement of Commitment. 

Checking-in with a Be You Consultant

Remember, the Statement of Commitment helps shape the identity of your learning community and contributes to a culture of self-evaluation and continuous improvement.
A Statement of Commitment that is inclusive of the voices of all stakeholders and reviewed regularly underpins the provision of quality outcomes for children.

Check in with a Be You Consultant to discuss your Be You Statement of Commitment. Book your next Check-In here