Transitions in education settings

Be You has a range of online tools and resources which can assist schools and early learning services to learn, reflect and act together in relation to transition policies and practices. 

Oct 13, 2020

It is that time of year when many transitions are occurring in education settings for children, families and educators.

Types of transitions

Transitions in schools and early learning services include those within and between education settings, as well as between education settings and a child and family’s home and community. 

Transitions in education settings include:

  • Beginning in an education setting for the first time – e.g. starting the first year of primary or secondary school or starting in an early learning service or school-age care service
  • Moving to a new learning environment within a familiar education setting – e.g. starting a new grade at school or in a new room at an early learning service
  • Transitions between education settings within a day or across a week – e.g. transitions between school and school-age care services;  between different early learning services in the same week
  • Daily routine transitions – e.g.  transitions from indoor to outdoor learning environments,  between different staff members, between individual and whole group experiences.

Transitions and Be You

Be You online resources can be utilised for professional learning and reflection to both identify what is already been done well in relation to transitions and identify any areas for improvement. Actions to enhance the transition experiences of children, families and educators can then be recorded in the learning community’s Be You Action Plan.

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Module topic - Healthy Transitions -  within the Be You ‘Connect’ Professional Learning module

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