Getting started on an Action Plan

Sometimes getting started is the hardest step. Here’s how one learning community created an Action Plan with help from their Consultant and tools from the Be You website.

Feb 11, 2020

Everyone’s Be You journey is different. After registering as a Be You Learning Community and receiving the support of a Consultant, one Action Team followed these steps to get started.

Lay the foundations for success

  • When setting up the Action Team, consider a representative population for the team – for example, one person from each smaller team within your community, team members with different qualification levels, educators with a passionate interest in mental health and wellbeing, or a parent or community representative.
  • Decide how the Action Team will work together to guide quality improvement implementation across the whole learning community.
  • What existing practices or team strategies are in place for engaging in professional learning and conversations? Can you use these existing structures to support your Be You process or are alternative/additional practices needed?
  • Introduce Be You to your learning community. Encourage each community member to consider “What is your ‘why’ for engaging in Be You?” The Action Team Handbook (page 6) and the Educators Handbook (pages 4 and 5) describe the benefits of engaging with Be You.
  • Consider how each member of your community will develop a sense of agency and ownership over their own Be You learning, as well as their contribution to the whole-of-learning community quality improvement.

Identify the needs of the learning community

Consider the following to help identify where to start:

  • Can Be You support existing professional learning, community priorities or Quality Improvement Plan actions?
  • Is there a current need or ‘hot topic’?
  • Would you like to start by unpacking the theory behind mental health and wellbeing?
  • Do you want to start with a goal in mind? Consider an evaluation/audit of your current strengths and opportunities. Action Teams can use the Be You Reflection Tool, or take a look at some action plan ideas using the Be You Actions Catalogue

Develop a plan

There’s lots of different directions you can take with your Action Plan. For this Action Team, a conversation with a Be You Consultant provided the insight they needed. 

The Action Team decided to focus on setting up a community culture of critical reflection and professional conversation to lay the foundations of ongoing learning and action.

This team’s Action Plan had three main steps:

  1. Use the Be You Introductory video to introduce the team to Be You and start thinking about the community’s ‘why’ for learning about mental health and wellbeing.
  2. Develop group norms for professional conversations. The Share and Extend Guide for Action Teams has more information on how to develop shared norms.
  3. Practice the norms for professional conversations, using the Always Be You symbols as provocations.

Check-in with a Consultant

What is your next step? Is it setting-up learning and conversation practices, identifying where you start or checking in with a Consultant at a National Check-In

Let us know by getting in touch with a Consultant today.

Registering with Be You is quick, easy – and free. If you want more information, contact us.