Creating a staff wellbeing policy

A staff wellbeing policy is a strong foundation from which to strengthen mental health and wellbeing in your learning community.

Jul 20, 2020

Be You can assist you to develop a staff wellbeing policy by providing a range of relevant resources and tools. 

A wellbeing policy is a clear commitment to supporting mental health in your learning community. 

It can be a strong step towards positively shaping practice as well as developing helpful processes and structures.

Service manager Donna, from The Mountain Preschool Lowanna Inc in NSW, discovered that the development of her service’s wellbeing policy has positively influenced the culture at their service. 

Building knowledge to inform your policy 

Be You resources provide a solid foundation for learning about staff wellbeing and self-care. This information will be an essential step in building community knowledge and can inform the content of your policy.

Be You materials you may want to explore include:

Foundations for success

To ensure your policy is going to represent your service and suit your priorities it takes careful consideration and reflection. Some prompts might include:

  • Are there existing organisation documents that will assist you? Donna at The Mountain Preschool Lowanna Inc. was able to save time by viewing the resources offered by the organisation’s management system. From there they could personalise the template and make it their own.
  • How will you consult with staff to ensure a holistic approach? Some services decided to set up a wellbeing committee that comes together to collaborate.
  • How will you reflect on prior learning and shared understandings? What is mental health and wellbeing? 
  • What is the purpose of this policy and what are your specific goals? The Be You Implementation and Reflection Tool and Mentally Healthy Communities domain, can support your reflection process.
  • Who does this policy apply to?
  • What are the responsibilities for the different roles? Keeping in mind that for a community approach, everyone plays a role. 
  • How will this policy be communicated and embedded into practice?
  • When will your service review this policy?

Extra supports

Be You’s Wellbeing tools for you provide links to a range of apps and resources.

Beyond Blue is a great resource if you’re looking for ‘National help lines and websites’ to support staff. And if you require an example you can take a look at Heads Up.