Responding Together



Recognise the potential impact of critical incidents

A critical incident can occur in any learning community, and it can impact on everyone’s mental health.

There can be once-off incidents, or people can be impacted through a cumulation of negative experiences.

As an educator, you will need to work within your learning community’s detailed policies and procedures, which are usually mandated by your relevant education system. These policies and procedures are designed to limit the impact on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, their families – and yourself.

What you'll learn through this module
  • Define what is meant by a ‘critical incident’
  • Describe key considerations when responding to a critical incident
  • Identify potential risk and safety issues following a critical incident
  • Understand your role in the community’s response to a critical incident
  • Have strategies in place for managing your own emotional response, including the strategies provided by your employer