Mentally Healthy Communities



Understand mental health and wellbeing in learning communities

A mentally healthy learning community is critical to children and young people achieving their best possible mental health, no matter their developmental stage. It is a significant contributor to developing a mentally healthy generation into the future.

No matter your position in Australia’s early learning services and schools, you play a central role in supporting good mental health through your interactions with everyone in your learning community.

Through this module, you will be presented with the key concepts of mental health and wellbeing and why these are important to your role.

What you'll learn through this module
  • Describe what mental health and wellbeing is
  • Describe the benefits of promoting mental wellbeing and preventing mental health conditions
  • Understand risk and protective factors, and influences in your learning community that affect mental health
  • Identify what a mentally healthy learning community can look like and how it benefits the mental wellbeing of children and young people
  • Understand the responsibility an educator has in supporting and fostering positive mental health and wellbeing for all children and young people
  • Understand the steps required to create a mentally health learning community
  • Understand how educator mental health is important in supporting a mentally healthy learning community

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