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If you’re currently studying early childhood or education at a vocational institution or university, then Be You is for you.
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Getting started: pre-service educators

Be You is a national initiative for educators, including pre-service educators like you, aimed at transforming Australia’s approach to supporting children’s and young people’s mental health in early learning services and schools. 

Our vision is for an education system in which every learning community is positive, inclusive and resilient, and where every child, young person, staff member, and family can achieve their best possible mental health.

It offers a range of online, evidence-based tools and resources aimed at improving the skills and knowledge of educators to foster and support mental health and wellbeing in children and young people. 

It’s completely free, and available to every educator and pre-service educator, early learning service, and school in Australia. 

Find out more about the background to Be You, including the organisations involved and the evidence base that supports it.

For a full introduction to Be You, download:

In the handbook you’ll find suggested pathways through the Professional Learning, and useful tips on how Be You can enhance your experience while on placement. 

  • How can I get involved?

    Registering online

    Registering with Be You is quick, easy – and free! We just need some basic information about who you are and where you’re studying. Click here to register.

    You can start your Be You journey any time as an individual with the Professional Learning, enhancing your knowledge and understanding of how to promote mental health and support children and young people.

    Change starts with individuals, but it doesn’t end there

    Be You is for individual educators, but it’s also for whole learning communities. Lots of things influence mental health and wellbeing, and often they’re interrelated. So the most effective approaches to mental health promotion are those that involve everyone in the community – educators, children and families.

    When an entire school or service decides to work on mental health and wellbeing collectively we call this a whole learning community approach, and we provide support, tools and resources every step of the way.

    The implementation of a whole learning community approach is driven by an Action Team, who are supported by Be You Consultants from headspace and Early Childhood Australia.

    You may hear about whole learning community approaches or Action Teams if you do a professional placement at a Be You school or service.

  • Why should I get involved?

    There are many great reasons to get on board with Be You.

    • Enhance and reinforce your current studies, better preparing you for future roles.
    • Develop a common language and shared understanding about mental health and wellbeing to use when speaking with your colleagues, particularly useful while on placement.
    • A national initiative spanning early learning services and schools means that Be You goes with you, wherever your career may take you.

    For more information on the benefits of Be You, download the Pre-Service Educators Handbook – there are versions for both early learning and primary and secondary school pre-service educators. 

  • What's available?

    Professional Learning is central to Be You, but there’s a lot more to explore – tools, resources and events that you can use to put what you’ve learnt into practice. 

    • Always Be You brings Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and ways of doing to Be You. 
    • Be You Fact Sheets provide information about a range of topics and issues connected to the professional learning. Think of them as quick reference resources, with factual information about a particular issue. 
    • The Programs Directory provides a searchable database of external mental health programs, available across Australia. 
    • The Organising Speakers Guide provides a detailed run-down on what educators need to consider when engaging an external speaker to share their personal stories about mental health, including how to create a safe and meaningful environment for everyone involved. 
    • Wellbeing Tools for You outlines a range of online tools, resources and general strategies designed to support educators’ mental health. 
    • Wellbeing Tools for Students is your essential guide to the online tools and other resources that will best support children and young people in taking care of their own mental health.
    • Suicide Prevention and Response gives secondary schools detailed, evidence-based information on issues related to suicide in learning communities.

    If your school or early learning service decides to take a whole learning community approach to Be You, our suite of Planning and Implementation Tools will help throughout the process.

  • Ready to get started?

    Be You is for educators, but the impact it has goes far beyond the individual

    By getting involved, you’re making a powerful commitment to supporting and enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people throughout your career.

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