Inamojo - for children's wellbeing - Early Primary (outsourced)

  • Overview

    Natalie Southgate and Anna Kelly
    Who is this for?
    The current program is designed for all children in the Early years of Primary School (ages 5-8). We also have programs for Pre-School / Kindergarten children (ages 3-5) and also Upper Primary (ages 9-11) in development for release in 2019.
    Who is this from?
    Trained facilitators
    Mentally Healthy Communities, Learning Resilience
    Primary School
    Social and emotional learning, Connectedness and relationships, General mental wellbeing
    The Inamojo program aims to support children's wellbeing by increasing their understanding of themselves and others, together with a range of practical tools and techniques they can use in their everyday lives.
    $10 per child per class.
    Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania
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  • Implementation

    Detailed description

    Key lesson themes of the Inamojo program are: - physical awareness, safety, trust in instincts; - emotional awareness, expression and self-regulation; - self-worth, resilience, learning to set boundaries; - compassion, empathy, kindness, respectful relationships; - communication, wise speech, authenticity and truthfulness; - intuition, clear thinking, creative imagination; - self-identity in relation to others; higher perspectives In an Inamojo class, children have stories read to them (stories with important life-lessons woven through them); they get to 'embody' the characters in the story in a music-and-movement session; and they create an artwork to express their personal feelings about the story. At the beginning and end of each class, the children are taught (and get to practice) various techniques such as breath-awareness, mindfulness, and belly-breathing, to help with emotional self-regulation and relaxation.

    Program structure & method delivery

    9 x one-hour sessions, ideally run as one session per week over 9 consecutive weeks. The current program is delivered by external Facilitators, fully trained and licensed by Inamojo pty ltd, who will come into your school and deliver the program on an outsourced basis, either as part of your regular curriculum or as an optional extra-curricular activity. Some schools fully fund our program out of their own budgets. Others seek parental contributions towards its cost.

    Student assessment measures


    Please contact Inamojo for more information.

    Professional learning compulsory


  • Evidence

    Identified theoretical framework

    Inamojo sessions draw on many theoretical frameworks, including a wide range of contemporary child development theories (Gesell, Piaget, Gardner, Erikson, Bandura, Foucault, Brofenbrenner, Vygotsky, Bruner, Winnicott) Our programs reflect and support the 5 Core Competences in the SEL framework in the Australian National Curriculum: - Self-management; - Responsible decision-making; - Relationship skills; - Social Awareness; - Self-awareness We draw, too, on theories of learning styles (Kolb, Fleming, Gregorc etc) mainly by ensuring that each inamojo session addresses as many different 'preferred learning styles' as possible. We also draw on Carl Jung's theories regarding the psyche, universal archetypes, stories and symbols. All of these theories have influenced and informed different aspects of our programs' development.
  • Authors


    Natalie Southgate and Anna Kelly

    About author(s)

    Natalie Southgate is the creator and founder of Chakradance™ a world-renowned wellbeing modality for adults, that is now being run by over 400 Facilitators in over 40 countries worldwide. A mother of two young children, Natalie has a post-graduate diploma in Analytical Psychology, and is the author of "Move your chakras, change your life", published by the world's leading 'wellbeing' publisher, Hay House, in November 2018. Anna Kelly, also a mother, is an Adv. Dip. Yoga Instructor, and has taught Children's Yoga for several years in her own yoga studios in Victoria.