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  • Overview

    Alice Peel and Kristina Freeman
    Who is this for?
    Pre schools, primary schools, parents, teachers and other school staff
    Mentally Healthy Communities, Learning Resilience
    Early Learning, Primary School
    Social and emotional learning, Mindfulness, Connectedness and relationships, General mental wellbeing

    To make mental health awareness as common as physical health awareness; give schools and homes a whole school language of wellbeing; to embed the principles of positive psychology in wellbeing approaches which is now the foundation of the NSW Department of Education’s Wellbeing Framework – Connect, Succeed, Thrive; to enable wellbeing to be visible, beautiful and consistent across year levels; and introduce the world of positive psychology in a playful way


    Lesson plans and worksheets are free online.

    Mental health school kits: $199

    Mental health home kits: $129

    Other resources vary in price and can be found online. Teacher wellbeing workshop details can be found at

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  • Implementation

    Detailed description

    Grow Your Mind aims to foster mentally healthy children, families and teachers. Using animal analogy to teach key parts of the brain, children from 3 years of age soon are introduced to the basics of neuroscience and what it means to feel mentally healthy.

    Schools and homes can choose to purchase positive psychology kits to make wellbeing visible and consistent for pre-school through to Year 6. Or they can simply jump on line and use our free lesson plans and worksheets. These resources compliment the kits and are designed to be taught in 10 one-hour introductory sessions as well as 12 follow up sessions throughout the following years.

    Students, their families and staff are taken on a playful journey of research backed invitations to boost their mental health. Everyone learns to recognise and name their feelings and practice different ways to breathe to guide them through future tricky moments. In conjunction with Grow Your Mind kits and lessons, we offer parent and community workshops.

    Grow Your Mind also offers teacher wellbeing workshops that are accredited by NESA as well as staff implementation support.

    Program structure & method delivery

    Program structure

    The kits are designed to be used daily in either a preventative, restorative or health promoting way.

    • Grow Your Mind lessons, designed for students in grades pre-school to 6 begin with brain and mental health awareness from there each lesson links back to this concept: we all have mental health and we all can look after it.
    • The following 9 lessons give students hands on activities to explore ways to boost their mental health and build their resilience, topics include: gratitude, compassion and kindness, mindfulness – emotions and breathing, optimism, growth mindset, character strengths, movement for mood and the senses.
    • Following from these lessons there are 12 further sessions that can be taught at various year levels to reinforce and keep the learnings fresh.
    • All lessons are have been designed to meet both the Australian and New South Wales curriculum. They can be delivered as 10 one-hour introductory sessions taught once per week and there are an additional 12 one-hour sessions that can be used in the future years to keep cementing the central mental health messages

    The lessons compliment the kits which are ideally taught as a unit plan within health classes to all the students in grades pre-school to 6. However, Grow Your Mind believes that the best approach to create a whole-school language of wellbeing is to continually reinforce these messages and for staff and family members to ‘live’ the language.

    At the end of each session all students are encouraged to reflect on what they learned, how they felt during certain activities and to make one plan for the week as to how they plan to ‘live’ their learnings. This is to give students an opportunity to practise skills in between sessions.

    It is hoped that by using Grow Your Mind kits and their lessons all students will have a sound understanding of what mental health and wellbeing is.

    Method of delivery

    Any teacher or school can start using our free lesson plans and worksheets now. Any teacher or school can purchase our school kits and start using them immediately. We offer implementation support for schools in the Sydney area. We offer Skype support to schools outside of this area. We offer a NESA accredited teacher wellbeing course, see website to book in.

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    Professional learning compulsory


  • Evidence

    Identified theoretical framework

    Grow Your Mind draws on positive psychology research and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning s (CASEL) model of the five social and emotional learning competencies (self-awareness, social awareness, self management, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills) to help children, their families and teachers flourish.

    See our website for links to further research.

  • Authors


    Alice Peel and Kristina Freeman

    About author(s)

    Alice Peel is a NSW accredited primary school teacher with a Master of International Public Health and studies in positive psychology, mindfulness, compassion and short courses on neuroscience. Alice has worked in a variety of schools and has a passion for teaching wellbeing and embedding positive mental health messages across schools and families.

    Kristina has a degree in Health Science and adores her work as an acupuncturist. Kristina has spent years working with both children and adolescents.