Year 5 - 9

7 - Everyday Wellness

  • Overview

    Tim Jack Adams (Founder) and Brianna Croke (Founding Facilitator)
    Year level(s)
    5 - 12
    Who is this for?
    Teachers, students, broader school community; managers, employers and staff; youth groups; sports group; individuals.
    Who is this from?
    GreenX7 offers a range of workshops suitable for all ages, individuals, companies and events. GreenX7 trained facilitators come from all walks of life and have been handpicked for their ability to inspire others reconnect to themselves, each other and the natural environment for 'everyday wellness'. They connect the right GreenX7 facilitator and program delivery style to individual needs. Fill out the contact sheet here ( and one of GreenX7 staff will be in touch to discuss a suitable program.
    Mentally Healthy Communities
    Primary School, Secondary School
    Social and emotional learning, Connectedness and relationships
    GreenX7 provides a series of tools to support everyday wellness, encouraging time to connect to self, others and nature to look after your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Connecting to the 7 core element each day will help: - Reduce anxiety and stress levels - Increase productivity and creativity - Improve self-esteem and mood - Reduce the risk of depression and obesity - Strengthen relationships to self and others
    GreenX7 will work with individuals, schools and organisations to refine optimum program delivery method for you. Costs vary according to program delivery method.
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    0477 011 639
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    0477 011 639
  • Implementation

    Detailed description

    Looking at the need to self-care and create a life rhythm for our 'everyday wellness', we focus on three core areas: Self: Looking at the need to self-care and create a sustainable life rhythm for our 'everyday wellness'. Others: The vital importance of connection to others and how this significantly supports our overall wellbeing. Nature: The science behind nature's medicine cabinet and how we can utilise it to help prevent mental and physical ill health and improve our wellbeing.

    Program structure & method delivery

    GreenX7 whole systems approach consist of four modules that can be combined to create tailor-made workshops integrating theoretical and practical sessions to engage participants and provide them with the tools to support their everyday wellness and thrive. GreenX7 offer following delivery formats with schools, corporate and community groups: - Workshops Modules 1 to 4 delivered in your community: - Keynote presentations - Conference and event workshops - Retreats workshops - Group and one-on-one. Read more about the workshops at Workshops :

    Student assessment measures


    GreenX7 has developed worksheets, and exercises for participants to complete during and after the program to deepen learning and personal responsibility. In addition, we have created the App to Act, an online platform that allows us to sustain a rhythm to thrive. The app provides an opportunity to use the GreenX7 tools online, reflect on action taken and set goal for the future. It can also measure our energy (battery) and using an algorithm provide suggestions to help increase your protective layer to help deal with life's up's and downs.

    Professional learning compulsory


    GreenX7 has developed training for teachers to make implementation more consistent and meaningful. For schools, we recommend a teacher workshop prior to introduction to students. For the workplace, we recommend an introduction to senior staff, prior to delivering modules 1 to 4 to staff. GreenX7 Facilitator training is available to enhance school/organisation implementation of GreenX7 program.

  • Evidence

    Identified theoretical framework

    GreenX7 brings together research and learning from a number of theoretical basis. These include, but are not limited to Benefits of Green Exercise to Human Health Mindfulness Earthing Understanding of the benefits of movement, diet, nature to the positive functioning of the human body. The importance of human connection to overall health, self worth and belonging.


    GreenX7 is and continues to be built on scientific research demonstrating the effectiveness of the many fields that make up 7 Core Elements and 8 Universal Categories that together form the GreenX7 model.
  • Authors


    Tim Jack Adams (Founder) and Brianna Croke (Founding Facilitator)

    About author(s)

    For the past 15 years, in one way or another, Tim has connected people through nature, whether it was for fun or work. Tim noticed the power of this connection and that ignited a desire to gather scientific evidence that explained the positive effects of connecting to yourself, others and the natural environment. Brianna is a trained outdoor educator, taking students, sporting groups and individuals into the Australian bush and international locations for extended periods. Her work has allowed her to understand the strong link between behavior, growth and the power of experiential learning. Tim and Bri have done extensive reading of existing research, consulted with researchers, university professors, personal coaches, medical professionals and individuals in their quest for a holistic approach to wellness. The result of their work is a unique selection of education tools that appeal to the head and heart. By understanding the science that makes the human body function best "the head" helps us make decisions that are good for our body and make us feel better "the heart". To find out more about Tim and Brianna visit