Authentic Strengths Advantage (ASA)™ Resilience for Youth/Teen

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    Fatima Doman country approved adaptions and presented by Jane Wundersitz Australian Master Trainer WunderTraining
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    Students, Modules may be offered at parent information sessions, The VIA assessment is available to be taken in a huge variety of languages.
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    Secondary school teachers and staff, Other
    Mentally Healthy Communities, Learning Resilience
    Secondary School
    Resilience, Mindfulness, Connectedness and relationships, Social and emotional learning, General mental wellbeing
    Authentic Strengths Advantage (ASA)™ Resilience for Youth/Teens aims to support students to explore and engage their character strengths.
    $1500 +gst per accredited educator. Option for group certification discount for in-house delivery and at external events. Please contact with any queries regarding pricing for regional in house workshops or group booking discounts.
    Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania
    Verdun Street, Beulah Park , South Australia
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    The ASA program is designed to teach youth/teens tools that can be applied personally, and in their relationships with others. Students learn coaching and character strength principles. The ASA Three-Step Process • Explore how your strengths have enabled prior success and how to recreate success. • Empower your goals with your strengths using the STRONG© goals tool. • Engage your strengths using our 3R's© weekly positive progression process.

    Program structure & method delivery

    There are 12 modules which can be taught in 50 minute blocks delivered over a year or semester or delivered as an intensive 2- 3 day program or wellbeing camp.

    Welcome/Overview/The Power of Strengths Coaching Module 1

    Move from Wrong to Strong: 24 Character Strengths Module 2

    Exploring Happiness Module 3

    Hope & Optimism Module 4

    Whole Person Resilience: Mind, Body, Heart ,Spirit Module 5

    Overcoming Comparanoia Module 6

    Perfectionism/ Reframing Failure Module 7

    Building Resilience: Self-Compassion Module 8

    Authentic Motivation: STRONG Goals© 50 minutes Module 9

    Character Strengths Fuel Emotional Intelligence Module 10

    Positive Relationships Module 11

    Flow: Strengths in Action Module 12

    Student assessment measures


    As part of the ASA program students are encouraged to/can take the VIA Me assessment. Please contact WunderTraining for a sample and a quote. Alternatively the free VIA Strengths assessment can be used. WunderTraining has a VIA Strengths online portal for all strengths evaluations to be taken. Fatima co-created the ASA psychometric surveys/reports with the University of Utah: ASA Resilience, ASA Change/Transition and ASA Stress. These online profile tools are available at a low rate per head for educators or students. Please contact WunderTraining for a sample and a quote. (optional)

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  • Evidence

    Identified theoretical framework

    The ASA program is based on research conducted by the International Coach Federation, and reflect ICF's core belief that people are "naturally creative, resourceful, and whole". Research is also included from International Positive Psychology Association and numerous references to Character Strengths Research and interventions included from VIA Institute on Character.


    Ground-breaking positive psychology research reveals that once people know what their best qualities are, they open up a vital pathway to engagement—at school, in relationships and in life. Due to this new science, we now can help people identify the character strengths that define who they are at their best. As hundreds of studies have now shown, people who express their strengths tend to be happier, more resilient, less stressed and higher achievers. Please review the growing body of research relevant to Character strengths in 1) Positive Education at VIA Institute on Character Summary of Research Findings In addition to the work domain, the vast field of education has found enormous benefit to teaching students, teachers, trainers, and entire schools about character strengths-based. The new science of character that has emerged in the last 10 years offers a significant change to traditional approaches to character education in schools (Linkins, Niemiec, Gilham, & Mayerson, 2014). 2) Under use and Over use of strengths is included in this program : Summary of Research Findings The dynamics of character strengths remains a new area of study. One model for looking at the dimensionality of character strengths is to place each strength on a continuum in which too much of a strength in a particular context becomes overuse, too little is underuse, and the centre area is the "strengths zone" or optimal expression (i.e., golden mean) of the strength. 3)Character Strengths and achievement Several studies have examined the links between different types of achievement and character strengths. One strength that seems to frequently find its way toward the top of the correlations charts in each study is perseverance. In addition, many other strengths have been linked with achievement. This elicits an important question that has not been fully answered by scientists: Is it better to help students (and those attempting to achieve something) tap into their most energizing and authentic, signature strengths? Or, is it more beneficial to train students on boosting a handful of specific strengths (e.g., perseverance, self-regulation, curiosity)? 4) Character Strengths and Positive Relationships: 5) Character Strengths and Life Satisfaction For obvious reasons, studies that examine happiness, life satisfaction, and related concepts of well-being are some of the more popular areas of inquiry in positive psychology. Since the onset of positive psychology, researchers have been interested in those character strengths that correlate highest with happiness. As is clear below, strong patterns have emerged (e.g., zest, hope, gratitude, love, and curiosity frequently emerge with the highest correlations with life satisfaction) 6) Character Strengths and Resilience: Character strengths predict resilience over and above positive affect, self-efficacy, optimism, social support, self-esteem, and life satisfaction María Luisa Martínez-Martí & Willibald Ruch NB. There is also a growing body of research in working with those with disabilities
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    Fatima Doman country approved adaptions and presented by Jane Wundersitz Australian Master Trainer WunderTraining

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    About Fatima Doman: Bestselling Author, Speaker, Executive Coach and CEO of Authentic Strengths Advantage, Fatima Doman has motivated audiences across six continents to leverage their authentic strengths for transformation. One of today's most influential voices in engagement, well-being and positive change, Doman is passionate about empowering people for sustainable high performance—at work and in life. Her experience fleeing her country of birth in the wake of war informs her work to help people build resilience in the midst of challenges. Doman shares innovative, evidence-based tools rooted in the groundbreaking science of Positive Psychology—engaging audiences to bring out the best in themselves and in those they seek to positively influence. For decades Doman has worked successfully with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients representing a variety of industries, and with educators around the globe— her compelling message inspiring positive leadership while boosting emotional intelligence for individuals at all levels of their organizations. Her books, Authentic Strengths and True You: Authentic Strengths for Kids have been featured by the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, on TV, Radio, e-learning, and her workshops have been licensed globally. Doman has served as Co-Founder/Co-Director of FranklinCovey's Global Executive Coaching Practice, as Faculty for the FranklinCovey/Columbia Business School Executive Coach Certification Program, and has managed certification/developed content for the internationally acclaimed 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Her post-graduate work includes an Advanced Executive Coaching Certification from the Columbia Business School Coaching Program and an MA in Communication.

    About Jane Wundersitz: Australian Master Trainer and WunderTraining Founder Jane is the founder of WunderTraining, a leading Australian training provider in delivering strength-based teambuilding, positive leadership, wellbeing, resilience, mindfulness, mental toughness and wellbeing and resilience student programs. In 2015 she was trained as the Australian Master trainer for VIA Institute on Character Premiere Programs and in 2016 ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage resilience for youth. Jane has a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing and is an accredited MTQ mental toughness partner. Her highly visual and engaging signature workshop style is supported by a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts and training and assessment qualifications. Jane has worked successfully in learning and development in state and international roles for over 20 years. She was an early adaptor in bringing the science of positive psychology into her workplace training. She researched and crafted her first highly successful wellbeing program 'Activate Happiness' in 2004, aligned to the theories of Martin Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and Christopher Peterson. Jane is an award winning speaker and has been consistently ranked in the top 5 most popular speakers for entertainment oz speakers site for the past three years. She presented VIA strengths at the 5th Australian Positive Psychology National Conference 2016, the International Student Wellbeing and the Prevention of Violence Conference 2016 and PESA Positive Education South Australian Conference 2017. Jane has personally supported over 7000 participants to discover their strengths from a broad client base. She has delivered wellbeing workshops for large student groups since 2013 and has worked numerous universities, private and public schools and often supports teacher development days. Her varied client base includes some of the top 50 Australian companies like Qantas, Rio Tinto, Maquarie and IAG, corporate and government departments, not for profits, youth and volunteer groups. She travels frequently and has worked in remote areas from Alice Springs, Karratha in the Pilbara Region in central Australia and Shark Bay a small shire 895 km from Perth. The varied client base and tra