Active Families Active Schools

  • Overview

    Associate Professor Richard Keegan, Dr Sarah Robinson, Professor Richard Telford.
    Who is this for?
    Primary-aged students and the significant adults that influence their lives.
    Who is this from?
    Early childhood educators and staff, primary school teachers and staff, secondary school teachers and staff, allied health professionals.
    Mentally Healthy Communities, Family Partnerships
    Early Learning, Primary School
    General mental wellbeing, Social and emotional learning
    The Active Families Active Schools program aims to make movement and activity a part of everyday life for all children.
    Half-a-day program $490
    Victoria, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia
    Bluearth Foundation
    50 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria. 3207
    Phone number
    Mobile number
    0402 191 312
  • Implementation

    Detailed description

    The Active Families Active Schools program delivers physical activity sessions for students, and professional development for classroom teachers to be able to deliver best practise physical activity to students on an ongoing basis. The Active Families Active Schools program runs throughout Australia in urban, rural and remote communities to show the value of movement and create positive experiences in activity. The program aims to work with schools, teachers, parents and carers to highlight how they can encourage and nurture children to be active every day.

    Program structure & method delivery

    The program is delivered in either half-day, full-day or multi-day workshops. This is dependant on group size and program intention. The workshops cover active play, mindfulness, leadership and can also include professional development for teachers and educators. The program is delivered as whole-class sessions for teachers and students. Students benefit from the sessions while teachers participation promotes professional development and sustainability. Student free workshops are also utilised to consolidate learning and provide time for discussion and reflection.

    Student assessment measures


    As part of the Active Families Active Schools program, student assessment is facilitated through debrief discussion and reflection. Written and class based assessment is a desirable part of the program.

    Professional learning compulsory


    Although not compulsory, educator participation is highly valued.

  • Evidence

    Identified theoretical framework

    The Active Families Active Schools program is based on self-determination theory. To that end, engaging sessions facilitate participation and reflection at which stage the critical conversations can begin. There is an opportunity through active play to learn about self, through mindfulness and individual challenges, while the key themes of communication, trust and resilience are explored through partner and group work.


    Final evaluation of the Bluearth Mighty Movers CBR program 2018 (an early childhood program conducted in Canberra). 2006-2009 Bluearth participated in the Australian National University (ANU) LOOK project (Lifestyles Of Our Kids). The study was led by Professor Richard (Dick) Telford of the ANU Medical School.
  • Authors


    Associate Professor Richard Keegan, Dr Sarah Robinson, Professor Richard Telford.

    About author(s)

    Bluearth Mighty Movers CBR; Associate Professor Keegan was the Principal Investigator and Dr Robinson compiled the evaluation report. This was a three-year program aimed at reducing sedentary time for 0-5-year olds. The LOOK project was designed to understand the effects of Bluearth Active Schools program on primary-aged children over several years. Professor Dick Telford is highly regarded in this field and was the principal researcher in this study.