Year 5 - 9

5-Week Mindful Breathing Program by Breathe Project

  • Overview

    Katherine Tucker & Bodhi Whitaker
    Year level(s)
    P - 6
    Who is this for?
    Primary School Students & Teachers
    Who is this from?
    Videos by Breathe Project Founders & PresentersLesson Plans & Activities by Primary School Teacher
    Mentally Healthy Communities
    Primary School, Secondary School
    Mindfulness, Social and emotional learning
    Breathe Project aims to give students and teachers the knowledge, skills and experience to use Mindful Breathing as a daily wellbeing practice to calm their bodies and clear their minds.
    $189 full access for one teacher. $349 full access for all teachers of one school.
    Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania
    Breathe Project
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  • Implementation

    Detailed description

    This online program was developed after Breathe Project worked face to face with 55,000 students and teachers across 135 schools in Australia and New Zealand. It is an all-inclusive, accessible series for primary school teachers to bring Mindful Breathing in their classrooms. A results-based wellbeing practice, supporting students (and teachers alike) to better manage their own emotions and behaviours, while reducing stress and anxiety. This program is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, including General Capabilities (Personal & Social Capability) and Health and Physical Education (Personal, Social & Community Health).

    Program structure & method delivery

    This program consists of a five-week series, where each week has a 10-12 minute classroom video and optional in-class activity guided by the lesson plan. All integration support resources are supplied. The series includes weekly videos, in-class activities, lesson plans, integration tips and resources including guided breathing audios and posters. The weekly videos are designed to engage and entertain, while educating students and teachers in one and eliminating pre-class preparation time for teachers.

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    Professional learning compulsory


    Face to face Teacher Training PD (+ Student Workshops) available. Please email

  • Evidence

    Identified theoretical framework

    It's both theoretical and experiential, for both student and teacher. Based upon the research of Breathing and Mindfulness in schools. Breathe Project's approach is guided by Health Science & Health Promotion Models.
  • Authors


    Katherine Tucker & Bodhi Whitaker

    About author(s)

    Known as a "breath of fresh air", Kat and Bodhi founded Breathe Project in 2015 and have since worked face to face with 135+ schools. Kat holds a Bachelor of Science (Health Promotion) with a published mental health promotion resource. Bodhi is the founder of the Art of Breath Training and has extensive experience as a Psychosomatic Therapist. They are both certified teachers of pranayama (breathwork) and yoga.