Always Be You - Ways of being knowing and doing wellbeing

The Always Be You resources are for everyone

Nov 20, 2019

The Always Be You resources are for everyone and designed to support the ongoing process of embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of being, knowing and doing.

The resources were developed in a respectful space where culture is acknowledged, considered and celebrated.

Always Be You Symbols

The Always Be You symbols arose out of working collaboratively with Elders and represent seven key principles that underpin wellbeing in Be You.

1. Make safe

Being safe is a foundation to wellbeing. When we feel safe the brain relaxes, cortisol decreases, our heart rate goes down, and we feel calmer. Feeling safe is good for our bodies and our minds. We are more able to think, plan and create.

2. Connect

Connecting and developing connectedness allows us to make, develop and nurture relationships. Taking time and making time to develop connections, being connected to country, to others and to ourselves is vital for wellbeing.

3. Conversation

Conversation brings us together. As we learn about each other’s hearts and minds, we can create a shared understanding of our similarities and differences. Listening, speaking, sharing, reflecting and expressing our emotions are essential tools of conversation.

4. Be, feel, think, do 

When we approach life and learning holistically, through all our senses and with our whole being, we feel more whole ourselves. We are better able to consider our responses, connections, biases and reflections allowing a deeper wisdom to arise.

5. Different ways of learning 

We all learn in our own unique ways. Acknowledging and working with this diversity in ourselves and others opens doors in our lifelong learning journey. It builds confidence and self-efficacy.  It fosters creativity and unexpected outcomes.

6. Grow

With effort and intention we can all learn, change and grow. Growing takes courage. Continually improving and growing on whatever journey we are on brings hope and energy to every day. 

7. Acknowledge, consider, celebrate

This is the moment between completing one thing and starting another.  In acknowledging through words and actions we deepen our understanding of what went before. In celebrating we release the joy of completion that strengthens us for what is to come.

Use the Always Be You symbols to reflect on the mental health and wellbeing journey for yourself and everyone in your learning community. Explore them today and also view the Fact Sheets on wellbeing and Educator wellbeing.